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Among some of my less selfish thoughts tonight.

TIMARU, NZ - My neice saw a guy, wearing nothing, sitting in his car outside of her school this afternoon. She's nine.

Apparently it's been a huge problem in Ashburton too. Except THAT guy has been trying to talk young girls and elderly women into the car.

Just so anyone local knows. Please keep an eye out and don't be as stupid as my sister and pause to think about it. CALL THE POLICE!



You crazy, crazy man! You can't imagine the smile you put on my face on what was shaping up to be quite a bad day.

The necklace made me smile.
The pictures made me gasp.
And the card made me cry.
*/ You have beautiful handwriting. \*

Thank you!
I can't say it enough.
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Christmas Cards

I feel like a bag of shit so I'm going to bed. Just quickly though, I'm sending out my Christmas cards this week, so anybody who'd like one just let me know and I'll send ya one.

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friends only!

I'm a bonafide hermit out with the sun. I admit that it's not everyones ideal existance or their idea of fun. It seems to work for me. I'm waiting for the moment, the time will come I know it. The strength of my connection will recognise my soul. Part of me will know. Stop me in a street, stranger. When we meet, part of me will know. I don't deny the selfish hunger in me, my ambition can be diva to see. I'm not above her but I'm hoping to be. Substitutes are free. I'm waiting for the moment, the time will come I know it. The strength of my conviction will recognise my soul.


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